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This session will help you take the sting out of criticism and teach you how to get important feedback you can use to become better at what you do.

Do you have a hard time receiving feedback? How we deal with feedback impacts the way we move forward in life. Feedback offers us a chance to learn and grow but most often it is taken as personal criticism. When we feel criticized, we become defensive.  Misunderstandings occur and unproductive actions happen. Not knowing how to shift criticism into useful feedback can limit professional opportunities and stall skill development. 

Key Questions

What's the difference between criticism and feedback?

How do I change the way I hear criticism?

How do you shift criticism into useful feedback? 

When is criticism just criticism?


Expected Outcomes

Three perceptual positions of listening. 

The difference between criticism and feedback.

How to listen for useful information, even after the conversation is over.


Curriculum Alignment

Session Date

 09/10/2018 12:00 PM   Eastern Time




Janis Underwood Real Life Real Changes
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Adult Education   High School   Out Of School Youth  
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Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics  
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How to Turn Criticism into Useful Feedback
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Communication and Interpersonal Skills   Performance Coaching