Are your students interested in becoming a fashion designer or owning their own retail store? Are they always sketching, drawing, shopping, or pretending to walk the runway? Student are invited to participate in this industry chat with Donnella Tilery, NJ Fashion Week Founder, to receive real world feedback as well as hear about resources and insider info on how to start their journey to become a paid and polished fashion professional.

CHAT 1 of 2:  October 13th, 2017  
An overview of the potential careers available to students in the fashion industry, from how to present yourself and tips on how to get an internship, to the education needed to work in the field of your dreams even if you're not in NYC or LA!

CHAT 2 OF 2:  October 26th, 2017 
**Optional Chat: Student Presentations**
Limited to 10 -12 student presentations (must RSVP, first come, first serve). Students will give a three (3) minute fashion business pitch. After each presentation students will be provided feedback on their line or retail concept.  Note that additional information regarding what this can look like will be provided during the first Chat on 10/13.

1) Sign up for the Chat here.
2) Leave a comment on that Chat page indicating how many of your students would like to present. Limit 3 presentations per class, however students may work in groups if they prefer.

This is an ideal industry chat series for students who desire to work in the fashion industry and want to learn insider information that can help them begin their career! Resources will be noted and discussed for students to review at their own leisure, whether they participate in one or both Chats.

**Teachers are invited to message Donnella Tilery using the Nepris Messaging feature for questions regarding this series.**

Key Questions

What careers are available in fashion and retail?

How can you start your career in this industry?

How are brands created?

What are some features of successful brands?

Expected Outcomes

Students will know about different careers in fashion and retail so they are better able to plan their own fashion career path.

Students will understand the process of creating a brand.

For students who participate in Chat #2, they will also learn about pitching a fashion idea.


Curriculum Alignment

about 11 months ago Lauren Stout

Is anyone signed up for this challenge?

Friday, 08 September 2017
about 9 months ago Ingrid Guntner- Palsgrove

We are! Millikan H.S. Long Beach, CA

Wednesday, 11 October 2017
about 10 months ago Londra Hunter

Great session! Extremely insightful! Donella gave up to the minute industry insight of today's fashion market. She presented a wide reach of the fashion world spanning the country and internationally. Donella clearly communicated with students and teachers comfortably and gave expert advice. High fashion piece cost hundreds to thousands of dollars; this Nepris session with Donnella Tillery-Priceless. The recording was ready quickly; so I am showing all it today for all classes.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Completed Date

 10/13/2017 1:30 PM   Eastern Time




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New Jersey Fashion Week Series Chat #1 of #2: Bring Your Brand to Market!
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